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  • Hare on the flats

    I have been hunting the Palmer Hay flats for hare for a few years now and have done fairly well. Its close to home and I often go after work for a quick hunt. Even on days that I don't bag one I at least get to see six or seven of them on an outing. However, this year has been a total bust for me. I have been there at least four times this year and I am even yet to see one at a distance. I see some sign, nothing like I used to see though. I know this place is heavily hunted but I at least bag a few or see something. Are we in a low cycle? Its fraustrating to walk 3-4 miles in with a bad back and walk back without even seeing one. Any one having any luck out there, or am I wasting my time??

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    Hey AKnook. See the previous post titled hare population cycles around the state. I think the general consensus is yes, we are presently seeing a crash in numbers. There are still some out there, but mostly in prime habitat. I have been out a couple times on the flats this year. I have seen a few hares, but nowhere near the numbers of a few years ago.


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      that area gets pounded by hunters. more than likely the hunters kiled most of them off.
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        the Hare on the hay flats and the Jim Creek area were extremely thick back in the early 70's then they died out.. I don't know exactly when they came back up in numbers, but by my observations they have been on another decline in recent years... the secret is to find another area where the hare population is on the upswing now... the down side of that is, you'll have to go a little further now... but.... short of a natural disaster, they'll come back to the flats in a few years..../John


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          Thanks. It looks like I will have to travel a little further to get at some hare. The glory days have come to an end near home. lol


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