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  • .223 wolf

    Out of these .223 factory rounds, which would be best to take a wolf.
    50 gr. V-max, 55 gr. silver tip, 55 grain sierra gameking bthp?
    Not looking for an exit wound, but little to no tracking.
    Say out to 200 yds.

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    wolf round

    all will do the trick, the more expansion the more blood BUT you will never a need to track a well placed shot


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      The v-max was designed for explosive exansion on small game. If you could slip it into the boiler room it would be perfect. But, hunting is never perfect. If you hit a bone on a wolf with one it would explode before penetrating and leave a wounded animal. Since you aren't looking at shots beyond 200 yards I don't think the silver tip is necessary. Out of the three choices you gave I would go with the Gameking.
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        All of those, other than perhaps the silver tip, will likely fragment instead of expand at velocities ~2,600-2,800 fp, which (unless you are using a 16" barrel) will be out to 150-200 yds. On paper, I prefer the performance of the Winchester Power Point, or other soft tipped bullet which will expand rather than frag. Fragmentating is great for killing purposes, but you could end up with a fist sized exit wound or a wounded animal if you hit it in the hip at longer range.


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          If you are going to load ammo for this purpose use the 53 gr. Barnes TSX. It can handle all the bones and bigger animals as well without premature expansion. But the gameking should give you the best factory performance.
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            I drill straight through 3/8 steel plate with my 22-250 with 40 grain v-max. I don't think the bone in a wolf would be a problem. It might blow him in two.


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