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Grouse around wasilla

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  • Grouse around wasilla

    Just moved from Seward to Wasilla/Meadow Lakes area. I drove around for about two hours trying to find some spots that weren't private property. Didn't have much luck. I found a spot way down off Church Rd, but not sure how productive it would be.

    Can anyone suggest any areas that a public? I having a hell of a time finding places to hunt.

    What about walking the Lil Su river bed?
    Thanks guys

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    Grouse like dry river beds and the willow thickets that abound. Good luck to you.



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      I sent you a PM


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        I live out in biglake and we use to have them in hour neighborhood but ever since the biglake/millers reach fire they have never really come back in the neighborhood. Seen some out at point mac off the side of the highway but thats about it. I would like to find a spot too but less and less public land now then when I was a kid.


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          If you don't mind the drive, Ft Rich offers some great opportunities. Just get the access pass at the main gate. They also give you the map of the areas, etc. Start driving and looking for popular stands to walk. Or get there early and find them on the road.
          Although some can call it Catchin', I still have to call it fishin'.


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            Just saw a ruffy picking up grit within a mile of the new traffic circle. However, I doubt the owners of the house who's drive way he was in would appreciate hunting there.


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