how far off the glenn hwy by knik to shoot



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  • how far off the glenn hwy by knik to shoot

    anyone know how far off the road (headed north just after knik river) you have to be to shoot. I thought I saw something about 1/4 mile because it's the game refuge but now I can't seem to find it. Pretty sure I saw something about a distance.
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    off the roadway and not across it
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      unless you're target shooting

      unless you're target shooting, then its not allowed at all.


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        State law says you must be at least 1/4 mile away from any highway when discharging firearms, and not across it. As far as unit specific restrictions, check:

        It seems you are allowed to hunt in the area you mentioned, just pay close attention to the firearm restrictions specific to the area you are thinking about hunting in.


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          Not True

          If there is a STATE law/statute about being 1/4 off a Hwy - then post that link.

          you won't find one

          The only Law is about Shooting From or Across a road....

          There are area's where there is a 1/4 mile restriction, but this is by NO MEANS a statewide regulation that applies to all Highways etc.


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            I was gonna say

            the same thing.

            I don't know of a law about 1/4 mile off the highway. The regs specifically state no shooting from on or across the road.

            However, for target practicing it is best if one is a long ways away from anyone with a good backstop. It's not a good idea to step off the glenn highway to target practice.
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              Yes, it seems that you guys are correct, I searched the Alaska Statutes at:


              and I couldn't find anything about the 1/4 mile law. I have been told that by a State Trooper and an ADFG officer, but they must have meant about a specific area restriction or were just mistaken.


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                clearing this up

                my original post was because my son and I ran a couple rabbits up towards the highway. When we got behind them we were within 150 yds of the highway in the trees. ( I know don't shoot at the highway). Then it hit me I thought I had read about a 1/4 mile restriction there. So we didn't shoot them. When I got home I tried to find it and couldn't. I figured maybe one of you guys had seen it or maybe this was an old law that has since been taken out of the book. I by no means wanted to target shoot. That is the reason some of those places around there got fenced off and others are so trashed
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                  arrowslinger my memory of this regulation is fairly vague at the moment but I do remember seeing signs in the knik area stating the 1/4 mile regulation and target shooting is prohibited. Tomorrow I am heading up to knik for some predator hunting, if I have time I will stop by the bridge and see what I can come up with. Maybe a call to the troopers is in order? I know they patrol that area quite often.


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                    You might also want to check on any City Ordnance on shooting within City Limits. I don't know which City might claim that portion of the Glenn as being within their boundries.


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                      I don't think any city claims it. The Municipality of Anchorage ends at the Knik River, however APD occasionally strays across the river to use the Knik River exit as a turnaround. I don't think its part of Wasilla or Palmer, but could be wrong. Its state land within the Matsu borough as far as I can tell.

                      As far as the target shooting, that is posted at pretty much every access point (for at least as long as the signs stay up). I don't recall seeing 1/4 mile restriction on those signs.


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                        The sign at the trail going south from the "Knik river access" USED TO talk about the 1/4 mile restriction. I haven't looked in several years but I will now. If I didn't see a sign where I was hunting then I would refer to the hunting regs (on or across). BUT as you mentioned already you have to use some sound judgement too.


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                          The regulation for shooting depends on who manages the land. In this case, the land is part of the Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge and managed by ADFG. So, you need to read the current management plan for the Palmer Hay Flats in addition to the Hunting Regulations. The management plan states"To encourage access by a variety of users, the department will close a limited area in the vicinity of refuge access points to the discharge of firearms." That means the department has discretion in regulating the discharge of firearms. You will need to check with them to find out what the current rules are for the State Game Refuge.

                          You can view the Palmer Hay Flats SGR website here:


                          The management plan here:


                          and the AAC here:


                          and here:

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