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    Anybody ever use one of these? I always wondered how the gun would throw a pattern with one of these. Just curious more than anything. If it worked, it could be a solution your gauge size dillema if you only own a 12 gauge...

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    I've used 28ga reducers in my 20ga Beretta. They seem to work quite well although I only used them for one round of skeet. I probably won't use them again because they allow powder fouling to make its way into the breech mechanisms big time! Since they are steel they don't expand and seal off the chamber like the brass on the base of regular shotgun shells do. The result is not particularly desireable in my expensive shotgun.


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      The only ones I've found that work well are from Briley. They're absolutely flawless, but you pay for the privilege. I let mine go with a O/U skeet gun a few years back and have never felt the need to replace them.
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