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  • ptarmigan

    Iam thinking about going hunting for ptarmigan tomorrow. Where is a good place to go in the valley now that there is snow on the ground? I live on KGB. Is point Mackenzie area good? Iam new to grouse hunting iam just not sure where to find them.

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    I spent most of the morning at Pt Mac, I also live just off KGB. I saw one spruce hen, not a good day of hunting! I'd go up the Willow side of Hatcher Pass if I were planning to find ptarmigan a short distance from home.
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      You won't find much for ptarmigan down in the flat lands (like Pt. mac). You need to get up on the hillsides and into the willows. The Palmer side of Hatchers pass is good up around the Motherlode lodge. I don't know if you can get across the Little su yet, but when you can, that side of the valley is usually good for a few birds.

      You can save time by doing some glassing. Just glass the willow patches and hold on them for a minute or two. A lot of times you will see them moving around in the bushes. Sometimes you can even see the tracks in the snow where they have been walking.

      Spruce and ruffed grouse will hold to the timber, ptarmigan will be above treeline most of the time in the willows.

      Good luck!

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