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Hunting Artic Hare

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  • Hunting Artic Hare

    I need your help. I have met a hunter/trapper in Nome who has trapped Artic Hare by mistake while attempting to trap fur bearers. I believe that he was using a snare and they happened to get caught in it. I have asked him if we could hunt them and he said "Come on up and we'll try it but I've never hunted them before". I guess that we could take snow machines out to the area that I trapped them but I don't know much more than that. I would appreciate any suggestions that anyone might be able to give me if you have hunted artic hares before. Thanks!

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    Arctic hare

    Back in the mid 1970's I got to stay the the King Salmon area for some time. While there I was able to hunt Arctic hares. from time to time. Most of the time I used a 22 pistol, it was easy to carry and fit nicely under heavy coats. When I went out just from arctic hare, I would take a Savage 22/20 gauge. I would use the 22 barrel if I was lucky enough to see them before they started moving and the 20 gauge once they flushed. They did not seems to be hard to kill and they sure were good eating.
    Good luck on your trip to hunt them.


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