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    Could anyone povide suggested areas to hunt ruffed grouse in the Matanuska Valley or in the altern ative around Delta Junction. Thanks

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    Trigg, the ruffed grouse in the Valley were planted and last I hunted grouse there, it was hard to judge if they "took" very well. That being said I probably harvested 10 or 12 in 6 years of hunting grouse in the valley. They were spread out over a large area, just never seemed to find large numbers of them any place in particular. I harvested a few off of Fairview loop, a few out in the Point Mackenzie area and a few North and West of Wasilla. Spruce grouse is a different story, and one of my favorite areas was the Point Mackenzie area. They are thick out there. I've seen many flocks of 5 or more and one flock that was over 50.
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      I have shot ruffed grouse all over the mat. valley.Never when I'm expecting them,just happen to run into them while bird hunting.I have taken them in the butte,lazy mountain,along the mat. river and the most was in Sutton.


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