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Grouse Hunting After it Snows

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  • Grouse Hunting After it Snows

    How good is the Grouse hunting after it snows? I heard that the birds will taste different.

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    There are a few

    You can find grouse any time of the year if you look hard enough. They do taste a lot like spruce needles, because that is all they eat. Not berries, clover and rose hips like late summer and fall.


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      pine needles

      There all ready stuffed with th eneedles.Been out last two weekends ,shot a few.All had plenty of needles in them.Still lots of berries available tho.WIsh they would change there diet.


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        That's unusual. Seems like if there are berries around they would prefer them to needles.

        I was surprised to find clover in the crops of most of the 'chickens I shot weekend before last. I'd have to say they tasted great pot roasted.

        I have noticed that by soaking the birds in the refrigerator in a weak solution of salt and vinegar (whether accidently gut-shot, or eating the "wrong" food- ducks included) they taste way better.

        I went out yesterday and encountered fewer birds and they were really "flighty". I missed a good shot when the firing pin on my Winchester 20 gu. hung. Scared the crap out of me when it went off after I started to unshoulder it! Time for the gunsmith!


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          snow birds

          Spruce hens will eat berries when available but will switch to spruce needles completely once all other food is unavailable. Most guys I know stop hunting them this time of year due to the taste but ruffed grouse still offer some good shooting and some good eating. I took a few while hunting the high country for hares, I didn't expect ruffies to be that high up but they were feeding on blueberries that were sticking out of the snow, stick to food sources and you will find birds once the snow flies and don't forget there's ptarmigan too.
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            Sayak - Sent you a pm.. I'm always looking for ways to improve the taste of duck.


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