Archery hunting for grouse/ptarmigan



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  • Archery hunting for grouse/ptarmigan

    I now use a washer that fits snug behind my field point. Works good other than the extra weight on the tip of the arrow. Any one know of any other good techniques. Thanks


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    spent casing

    I've used spent pistol casings that I inserted on the shaft and then tapped with a punch and hammer to keep it there, worked good. You can also drill a hole through the casing and shaft and insert a thin nail that extends on both sides about an inch and cut off the nail head and put some glue where the nail goes through, this will help keep your arrows from burying under the leaves and from complete penetration on small game.
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      I like the Zwicky Judo points in combo with a good flu flu fletching. There have been several occasions when I try to make that head shot and end up catching the bird with one of the spring steel grass claws that extend from the point. They are just as effective as a direct hit with the tip most of the time. Rubber blunts are good too. I haven't tried the wire hoops that I have seen people take pheasants with, mainly because I don't try to shoot them on the wing with my bow. I like your washer trick. I've seen star shaped washers at the bow shop which are supposed to do the same thing (probably just more expensive).

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        Small Game Heads

        As a new bowhunter this year, I tried initially to shoot ptarmigan with judo points or field points w/ grasshoppers (pseudo "judo pt"). Lethality was lower than desired. Could have been an accuracy issue. But more importantly, arrows would still penetrate the tundra and be tough to find. Switched to the G5 Small Game Heads and these things smoked the birds. Also didn't penetrate the tundra. They are a little spendy, but I won't use anything else if I have a choice. Got a great deal on several packs of these on eBay.

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          judo points
          field tip with wire loops. Looks like a flower. Works great the only thing is you arrow lenght on this was to be longer.
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            I jsut got back from the haul road and shot a whole bunch of ptarmigan with my bow. I used zwickey judo points and flu flu arrows. It did a great job on killing the birds dead.


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