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  • Grouse Hunting

    I am looking for a few places to hunt grouse near Fairbanks either from the road or ATV any ideas would be greatful. Thanks.


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    is delta junction area to far? send ya a pm!


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      We floated the fortymile (S. Fork) first part of September this year. On the float we saw grouse every day. We harvested a few for dinner on the trip but watched a lot of them walk away. Not sure if you were looking for a river trip but that's my $.02


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        I've seen the most in the watershed, but also lots along the Chena HS road. The ruffies were so numerous in the watershed during moose season a few years ago that I gave up on the rifle for a shotgun. My hunting partners thought I was nuts, but I brought home meat every day while they were blanked.
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          Yukon Training Area

          You could check out the YTA. I was out a couple of weekends ago and saw lots of birds. Make sure you are allowed to hunt on military land.


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            yukon training area

            I was back on the training area saturday and you would have thought moose season was still open. Lots of people. A good bit of snow in the back and didnt see a bird so went down lower and picked up 5. I noticed that they arnt at the bottom or the top just about half way up. all were in the sun . I didnt see one bird in the frost or near snow. Good luck


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              Hey!! I broke my leg jumping out of airplanes up there in 82' !!!! (well technically it was a helicopter).... Maybe I'll get up there to shoot some grouse and try and make up for the bad day I had last time I was up there!!

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                Shaw creek road has a lot of grouse this year.
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