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    Those of you who live in areas that get arctic hares (as opposed snowshoe hares), I got to wonder - they taste any different from snowshoe hares? I like their skin better than snowshoe hare, but I've never done a `taste test'

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    I eat them both. I prefer the big Jacks as they taste a bit less like willows this time of year, a taste Im not too fond of.
    Mid winter , it seems to me they taste the same.
    Never had one in summer, though.
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      I was sitting having coffee yesterday morning looking over the field. and watched a coyote cruise by.. after he left the hares all popped out. and I'll be danged if there was not one that was freaking HUGE compared to the rest. there were probably 20 hares and then one that looked like he could of kicked that ol yote's tail in a fair fight.. i can only guess that it was an arctic. but i have never seen one down here. ...the boy and i sat an enjoyed their antics for about 1/2 an hour. it was cold out, and i told him to just watch, and learn about them, no need to shoot them just because they were there..
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