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What are you rabbit hunting stratagies?

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  • What are you rabbit hunting stratagies?

    Me...I find rabbit trails go into the willow thickets & wait for them...I saw one today, about 50-75 yards in front of me, after I found a "Rabbit Highway" & thought I had a clearing to shot in, but this rabbit was in pretty thick willows, & I didn't even get a chance to draw a bead on him...I walked up to where I saw him, & he had his hole right at my 12 o'clock.

    Beside's COtoAK who does drive by's on her pet rabbits, what are your stratagies for bunnies?

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    I find a good spot for rabbits and stay on the move with my 20ga at the ready. Look for spots with good willow cover and evergreens nearby. Think like a rabbit would, if it would be easy for a fox or raptor bird to get a rabbit where you are, do you think you're going to see much during daylight? Keep moving steady and be looking out in front of you, when you jump one and he runs, as the vast majority of rabbits I see are doing, take your shot quick.

    When I stopped waiting for a great shot on a bunny and started taking wild shots that I didn't think I would make, I started taking home a lot more bunny's. 20ga ammo is cheap, don't just shoot at the bunny, shoot at the brush the bunny just jumped into even though you can't see him, you'd be surprised at the number of bunny's you will take doing this. The more shots you take, the more bunny's you'll take home.


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      Make em run...

      We really got after the bunny's this year down around the flats area. We hunted them several different ways, with one outshining everything else. I always hunt with my black lab, first because her nose finds more than i ever will, second because she runs runs down wounded rabbits like she was born to do it.... I usually hunt with one other guy and we first find a thick stand of blow downs. he walks one edge and i walk the other edge pushing through in the same direction. Our dogs work between and around us pushing rabbits out from under little snow caves and the edges of their burrows. If either us of see one we yell out and always let the other know whats's up if the rabbit tries to cut between us or flush out the side. We only missed out limit 2 times this year and the dog gets great exercise everytime! I only can only say this works for the area we hunt because i never hunt anywhere else, but it's a good way to cover the ground and if you use a 20 or 12 guage you can nail those jokers through the brush onthe run. Just don't shoot to quick or you have one nasty rabbit on your hands! Hope this helps someone..



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        I love using a .22 pistol like a Ruger MkI/II/III, in a sportsmans chest holster, hands free for snaking through the willows and alders with my snowshoes on, and 11 shots to hit that rabbit. Either on the run, or when he pokes his head out to see if you're still standing there.

        I usually beat the brush pretty hard, trying to flush them from their hidey-holes, looking around in the 20-50yd range for movement. At that distance they seem to run a short burst and then just sit there trying to disappear for a bit, easiest to nail them then.

        Sometimes I try to be sneaky, but but the rabbits seem to be better at that than me.


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          i wait for sudden snow melts... brown ground white bunny... easy targets..

          or snare them...
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            .45 glock and the spot and stalk method is fun.


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              11 shots to hit that rabbit........Love it,,,good shootin.


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                Have any of you guys ever used slingshots to bag your bunnies ( i got tired of hauling my rifle around so i decided on a slingshot I ALSO just got a little .32 cal muzzleloader that works great as well (oh just dont use the slingshot when its REALLY cold outside did you know finger freeze at 2 degrees farenheight?)


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                  Best advice I have read on this is to SHOOT! Most fun that can be had is to shoot them on the run with a Holo sight equipped AR!


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                    Originally posted by danthedewman1 View Post
                    11 shots to hit that rabbit........Love it,,,good shootin.
                    And one dumb rabbit...


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                      go in circles

                      Rabbits almost always "run away" in circles. When you scare one up and miss the shot odds are good they will end up very near wear you first saw then within a couple minutes. So to find them you do the same. Walk in spiral circle pattern with each circle you walk a bit larger than the last. You'll find them every time, they don't go far.

                      Jack rabbits are the exception, they are outta there....


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                        we go to what we refer to as the slaughter grounds. the spiral works. but we find that if we post 45 degrees apart by 4 of us and walk as a staggagered formation with 1 minute or so between us we scare them rabbits towards each other and cover the holes. we pull in alot of rabbits each time we go there. since there has been an increase in fox and wolf latley we are now trapping. but the way we do it seems to work. maybe this dec ill get my linx.


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