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  • The Spartan and the hares

    This week is me and my Daughters B-Day so I bought her and I a present that I've wanted to get her for a wile now, a Spartan 410/22 over under. You know the way it is had to field test it. I took it up to one of my favorite hare spots and off I went. I was impressed. Now I don't know why I have been lugging around that heavy 20 gage and 12. It was spot on right out of the box. The 410 did great on the rabbits but it took me a few tries to learn the 22. The 22 is on top and I think for that reason you have to aim under the head to hit it. I got two in the head from about 20 yrds and three at only 10 yrds. By the end of the day I had 15 rabbits. It was bitter cold and the wind was even colder. I stopped for lunch and my sandwich was froze solid and my water is still froze. I tried to clean the rabbits on the trail but it was just too cold my hands where hurting so I stopped and had to put hand warmer in my gloves. I tried to take a photo but the camera thought just as much of the cold as I did and did not want to work.

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    before i cleaned them I took a photo


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      Where the heck are you finding all the rabbits? I walked about 4 miles yesterday and saw 3, managed to shoot one.. Today I went back out and covered another 2-3 miles in the fresh snow and saw squat.. Thinking of heading further north next weekend and doing some ice fishing rabbit hunting.. Ohh, I was hunting near Jim Creek..

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