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  • ptarmigan head shot

    Shot some ptarmis last couple days....great trip. except the wind was blowing like crazy!! We did well with a bunch of birds and a whole pack of bunnies.

    anyway, here's a quick pic of a head shot on a ptarmigan at 75 yards with a 17hmr. Instant down bird.

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    Great pix!

    I love the color of Blood on White, the mess of success!!
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      Originally posted by strangerinastrangeland View Post

      the mess of success!!

      Good one. Ha ha...

      That 17 HMR is one accurate cartridge. Had trouble siting in my wife's a year or so ago. Thought something was off until I realized they were all going in the same hole

      Got a ptarmigan with a Glock 40 S&W once. Friend shot at it with a rifle and missed, the bird was flying about 10 feet away, as it had done before, but this time I was holding over it and took my pistol shot when it flew up. Bang! Dropped like a rock. Admittingly, I will never do this again. But it was fun that once at least.
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        agreed, 17hmr is a great round!!!! just gotta make those head or neck shots or...not much bird left!


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          .17 hmr

          Nice shot dude! My buddy had a .17 HMR SAVAGE that he got and it was throwing bullets all over the place, tumbling them and stuff. Upon examination, he found that the barrel was smooth (lacked rifleing sp?). Now I see what you .17 HMR owners can do with that gun, I'll add it to my "want" list. Anyway, nice shooting!


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            yup, crazy!! I actually sent an email to savage and they're going to some investigating on what happened with that rifle... Savage has awesome customer service in any case if the shop didn't get him the new rifle.

            17 is an accurate stinking gun...too bad some of the body shots turn into grenade inside ptarmi...bu those long headshots are nice....


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              .17 Mach II

              If you like the .17 HMR give the .17 Mach II a try. Ammo is about 40 percent cheaper and they are still shooting flat at almost 100 yards. Report is a lot quieter too. With the hornady ammo it is actually quieter than my .22 long rifle, They are just as accurate as the HMR as well.
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