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  • TOK area small game help

    I am driving to Tok tomorrow afternoon with a buddy to drop off some sled dogs. Because of the long drive ( from Anch ) we are going to spend all of Sat hunting small game before returning sometime Sunday.
    Does anyone have a suggestion or area where we could go on Sat to chase small game. Doesn't matter if its grouse, or duck. Just to get out & exercise us & the two pointers that will be making the journey as well.
    Thanks in advance for any insight.

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    tok cutoff

    Ive hunted in the past all along the tok cutoff,,mainly in march.Did real well with the bunnies and the grouse.Just look for nice looking patches of woods,away from any cabins.You could stop in at mineral lakes and try for pike.Always seemed to me the best bunny hunting was the first 100 feet of woods along the highway.


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      I took three drives to Tok this summer and saw lots of bunnies along the Tok cut-off, but the most concentrated spot was past Tok headed for Delta. Before you get to the Robertson River bridge, in the Cathedral Creeks area there is a communication tower on the south side with about a 1-mile long gravel access road. The bunnies were piled in there. Have fun.


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