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  • Coyotes

    Can anyone recomend a good area around Anchorage/Palmer/Wassilla to hunt coyotes?

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    Keep us posted!

    When you find a good area, let us know! ) There are several guys on here always looking for predators.

    About a month ago I spoke with some guys while moose hunting on top of Baldy who said they had seen a large wolf near the most western radio tower up there. They couldn't get a shot on it though. Knik river is popular, but the dogs are very smart and leary there. I think it will take a bit of driving to find an area where they are a little easier to find.

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      Next time I am just going to sit in my truck and call at the pavilion parking lot. The fox will be all over my distress call.

      Seriously though, the coyotes up at knik do seem to be very well educated. I just seem to connect with one no matter what I do. I know they are there, but they do not like to show their snouts.

      I am thinking maybe night hunting will be the ticket.


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        My advice is dont waste a bunch of money right away on equipment. You will soon find out that 1, there is not a whole lot of coyotes around, 2, they are very edjucated. I have done ALOT of calling over the years, I have ever only seen 2. 1 at night and 1 in the day.

        About your best bet is too get a snowmachine and catch one out in the open. or take up ptarmigan hunting and hope you see one while your doing that.

        I met a bunch of guys here in anchorage and the valley through They have all had simular results as me.

        There was one guy from homer that did okay. I think he usually gets a couple every year. If i remember right he hunts by the beach.


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          Learning curve

          I'm the guy down in Homer that has had some success with the dogs. From what I've found is that they tend to like the beaches when the snow starts flying. I spend a fair amount of time on the Anchor River (snow shoeing and snow machining) and I believe the wolves are keeping the coyotes pretty well thinned out. I see a few coyote tracks, but lots of wolf tracks on the river bottoms. The yotes that I've killed near the river have been up on the benches and draws above the river. Try hitting the beaches after a good snow and after an evening of crappy weather. Be careful when you hit the beach as coyotes have good eyes and they can see a LONG ways on the beach. That works in your favor also as you can see them coming into your calls from a greater distance than what you will find in the muskegs. This time of year is pretty much a waste as the dogs have plenty of food and don't call very easy + the hides aren't good yet. As for calls, I use a Foxpro FX3 along with 4-5 handheld mouth calls. You just have to find what works best for you and what sounds best at your particular location. I once was using an electronic call but didn't feel I was getting the distance on the sound, so I switched to a handheld Ki-YI and after about 5 minutes, I had 2 yotes run up to within 30 yards of me. Good Luck and good shooting.


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            The hay flats should hold some coyotes. And I know the ducks could use the help. I heard a lot out there this year while duck hunting. Don't educate them. KILL THEM! And the farther out you go the better. KILL THEM ALL! Hell maybe I'll take the AK47 out and cut a few down my self
            Shoot to kill, kill to eat!



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              KILL THEM ALL

              Are you saying we should smoke a pack a day? J/K!

              HomeDave would you mind if I picked your brain? If not here ya go.

              What kind of hand calls do you use?
              What time of day or night do you hunt?
              Distress calls, howls, or kiyi's are your preffered calls of choice?
              What kind of calling sequence do you use?
              Which calls works best for you?
              Calling: Wild and loud, or controled and soft?
              How long do you spend at a stand?
              Dorsil, tubed, or belly split?
              Hollow points or soft points?

              I have talked to dozens of coyote hunters in the lower 48 and here in AK. One thing that I have picked up on is stand preparation and how to call. Most are telling me the way a call sounds is the least important aspect of hunting these critters. IF the stand is setup with minimal noise, low amount of scent, and small amounts of visible movement the calling sequence doesnt matter that much. If the stand is setup in such fashion a coyote will come in just to check out what is going on. Do you find this true?

              Also some thick brush coyote hunters swear by setting up downwind, because a coyote automatically thinks to circle downwind to sniff a scent before barreling in. WIth this tactic you give the coyote a chance to smell you but it also gives the hunter a chance to spot the four legged beast. Do you find any truth in this statement?


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                Northern 'yotes

                If not down south anyone know any places in the Fair.,N.P.,Salcha area. The 30-06 got a caribou kill this year now its the 22-250s turn.


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                  predator control

                  +1 on the knik river being a good a.o. for coyotes.

                  yes, kill them all sounds good. i would like to go out for some (read a lot) myself. i have a great coyote set up for this, R700 V.S. 26" hbar .22-250 with leupold 8.5-25x. it is a tack driver out to 300 yds.

                  i'll be traveling out to port heyden for unguided wolf hunting next oct. with a pocket full of wolf tags. hope to wreck destruction on a pack feeding on a walrus or brwn. bear carcus. for this set up i'll use R700 .308 hart heavy (.95 at the muzzle) fluted 26" barrel with a n.f. 3.5-15x with blackhills 175 gr. non moly-matchking, this set up is good out to where the grass grows. should be potent medicine for a pack of wolves.
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                    Ive had good luck hunting ON maud lake at night last year, Using a small decoy and some nice mouth calling you'll have those dogs talkin to you all night. Just remember to be as still as possible and they will show their snouts!


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