Small Game in Fairbanks/Unit 20 area



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  • Small Game in Fairbanks/Unit 20 area

    I'm a new resident to Alaska and looking at doing some scouting the Fairbanks area/Unit 20. Specifically I'm interested in Hare, Beaver, Red Fox and Coyotes... Just looking for some guidance on which areas I should be looking in when I go on my scouting trip next weekend for a hunt the following weekend.

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    Might I suggest taht you turn your 'scout' into a hunt? You will find that whichever road you travel (Parks, Rich, Chena Hot Springs, Steese) the availability of game is realitively endless. I would suggest focusing on grouse, Ptarmigan, and bunnies. All of those can be found on a good day. Lynx, fox, coyote are more of a luck thing, but not impossible. For some ideas of where to go, look through the threads below on ptarmigan around Fairbanks, myself and others gave some more specific details.

    Welcome to God's country, remember, pack out more than you pack in - even if you dont kill anything.


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