Bird Hunting (Never too soon to Plan)



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  • Bird Hunting (Never too soon to Plan)

    Fellow Hunters;

    I am interested in walk in hunting for Ptarmigan this August. I suspect getting advice about location in AK is the same down here (info held pretty close to the vest), but I'm hoping for some info about likely areas to look. Yes, I'm only 7 mos. early, but heck, I like to dream. I grew up in Anchorage and will fly into and operate out of there. I have my own dog(s). Growing up, I did all big game stuff. Now, older and wiser, I let the dog do the running. Thanks, in advance, for any advice.


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    Denali Hwy

    Usually a good spot to try in early fall. Try starting around the Maclaren River


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      Well This probably wont be usefull but maybe it will excite you. Just tooling around about any mouintain areas on the snowmachine Im constantly running into birds. They really are very plentifull on most the mountain tops.

      That denali Highway suggestion sounds like a good one to me.

      You didnt mention where you want to be, but also around anchorage, there is plenty of easy access to lots of the mountain tops. Those would be good tries too.

      But I do see lots of pics with folk in the fairbanks area working dogs and having good success.

      You might want to contact the Arctic bird dog club, or one of the upland clubs in the interior for more info.


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        Kenai Mountains are a good bet.


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