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  • Skinning hares

    What better, to skin them, and the gut. Or to gut them and then skin???
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    Skin 'em first

    waaaay less messy.


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      Originally posted by 257wby View Post
      waaaay less messy.
      Fer sure!!! Lots less hair where it doesn't belong.

      Here's the easy way:

      Put your knife blade flat against each fron and rear "ankle." then push the foot sideways with your thumb to break the bone. Slide your hand back to cut the skin off, and drop the foot as you move to the next one. About 2 seconds each.

      Now make a small cut in the hide right in the middle of the back. Works best with cutting edge away from the rabbit. Just pull the skin up and push the knife point through. A nick in the skin is all it takes.

      Drop the knife and grab the head in one hand and the front shoulders in the other, hands close together. Give about 1 1/2 turns in one direction till you feel the neck pop free of the head.

      Now grab a fist full of hide on either side of that back cut and pull your hands apart. Hide and head are gone. Only thing left is the tail and maybe a little hair around the poop chute.

      Use your knife blade against your thumb to kind of pinch that off.

      Whole operation doesn't take anywhere near 30 seconds, and you have a nice clean carcass with virtually no hair on it. Easy for dressing then.
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        Depends on how far you walk and how many you have to carry?

        Originally posted by goingwest View Post
        What better, to skin them, and the gut. Or to gut them and then skin???

        Make incision from groin to ribcage on the rabbit. Grab and hold rabbit tight around very tightly around the neck. give a quick sling like you are pitching a softball and the entrails are gone...quick/clean and simple. When you get home, if they are not frozen, cut fur around lower legs and hold lower toes and start pulling on fur. Fur comes off much easier if rabbit is fresh.


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          Thank you thank you thank you. no luck out there today. going to have to try again tomorrow.
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            grab the ears and pull...

            the skin comes off like a jacket especially when fresh. careful when you gut them. they have a smell all there own. the meat is succulent for such an odor though.


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              I go from the other end.Hold by rear legs,pull with fingers,hide comes off in clumps/strips in seconds.Ive started bringing a small pair of cheap stainless pruning shears in my wabbit vest.After dressing,snip the furry lucky wabbit feets at the knees,snip the head off,snip the rib cage(nothing there).
              Rub around in the snow some,toss in the wabbit vest,cant be more than 2 mins tops.
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                i leave the head on

                when i'm skinning it gives me something to hold on to as i pull the hide toward the tail....first i cut off the feet and around the neck...sometimes there is a little tuft left on the tail or on the "boys"...but this makes a nice tubed hide....i stick a small gatorade bottle full of rocks or sand in the hide and put it in the freezer....then i have a great training toy for my beagle....then i usually cut out the back straps and cut off the hind quarters and the front quarters if not all shot up....i have never gutted a hare
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                  For Snowshoe Hares, like the small ones in the willows, I dont use a knife at all.

                  I grab the legs and peel the hide off from where I grab at the haunches to the head. Often in two strips. I snap off the feet , twist off the head, pinch the thin belly meat and pull out the innards.
                  If I were "Living" on rabbits, Id flush out the guts and add it all to the stew, but luckiily I dont have to so I discard all but the liver.
                  I have no use for thin Rabbit hides. The Big Jacks are worth saving and skinning cased.

                  On my way home yesterday evening we had quite a bit of fun doing 50ft or less head shots on the Bunnies that were in the willows along the rivers edge, took 7 home, the wife and I.
                  I used an M-44 I picked up recent like and was using as a "travle gun"
                  If you can't Kill it with a 30-06, you should Hide.:topjob:

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