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  • .17 Hmr?

    I'm moving back up to Alaska in November. Was in the Fairbanks area from '92-'02...I now have a .17 HMR that gets used regularly for prairie dogs out to 250 yards. All my small game hunting up there was much closer; I didn't need any more range than a .22LR offers. Do any of you use a .17 rimfire for anything up there? I know it'll do the job on any of the things I'd shoot with the .22, but kinda unnecessary, since it ain't too difficult to get within .22 range of the little critters. I thought of possibly using it for fox with a trapping license...but I doubt its ability to cleanly kill fox regularly at any kinfd of range...although it wouldn't damage the pelt like a .22-250 or .223.

    So, whaddya use 'em for, other than shootin' itty bitty groups of itty bitty holes in paper?

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    It is a fine cartridge on fox out to about 75 yards or so. I have a friend in VA(groundhogs at just over 200 yards) and another in TX(pigs up to 135 yards) that swear by the 17HMR as long as ranges are kept within reason for the size of the animal. Too explosive to use on Ptarmagin at almost any range.


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      Oh, yeah, It's quite effective on prairie dogs and jackrabbits. Just don't remember anything in AK I needed to shoot at that range that it'd be effective on.


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        We use the .17 for predators and havn't had one get away yet that we got a shot off on.
        Also fun for shooting ground squirells we have here. I've used mine for snowshoes, grouse (in the head). you will find some uses for it here no doubt.


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          yeah Id keep it. The only 22 of mine I use now is my pistol. I love the 17hmr for all the small game we have here. And it has taken 2 kodiak foxes with ease for my buddy. I still use my .222 though


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            Ammo cost too much......if you need a varmint round the 204 Ruger or 243 win so you tackle a wolf if needed.........

            I still use a 22LR Browning auto rifle for my small game with head shots


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