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Ptarmy hunting on sno-go's

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  • Ptarmy hunting on sno-go's

    A buddy of mine and I took advantage of 3 days off and ran north to our undisclosed ptarmy hunting spot. Truth be told, we were in search of predators, but came up short in that department; instead we scored on some white-feathered pearls. Woke up every morning to the sound of roosters cackling all around us. The pickins was easy as there were hundreds of birds. I put together a little sniper rifle meant for small game/predators and decided to test it's harvesting ability on some snow chickens at 100+ yards. I was able to easily shoot them in the back and/or head with my .223 set up at 100-150 yards. It was some of the most fun hunting I've had in a long time and I must say that it was the most humane ptarmy hunting I've done (no flopping or flying after bullet impact). I shot low 1 time and accidently took out 1/2 of a breast. It was a different way to put willow ptarmigan on the table, enjoy! Oh yea, we also harvested a hare, a spruce grouse and jumped a covey of ruffies (got one of those too). It was a good way to have a great time in the Chinook.
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    Looks like fun. Thanks for posting. Speaking of roosters cackling, have you been pheasant hunting? It will sure make you appreciate head-shot birds.


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      My 6 yr old daughter is itching to go out and break in her cz 452 scout.
      Just waiting for news of any close.


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        congrats thats bad azz right there.


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          Lets see the rifle also!!
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            i'm jealous....need to shoots some birds....bad.....:eek:


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