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  • Frustrated.

    I went out to my hare spot today with high hopes since most of the snow had melted. When I showed up to the pullout where I generally park I see what is clearly the hide and guts from bunnies taken during this winter and just dumped in the snow. Naturally I'm frustrated.

    Then as I step out of my truck and head towards the brushy bits, I see a hare with a bullet hole in it. It looks (from what I can tell) that it was shot and tossed towards the bushes... maybe the fella before me hit his bag limit, and didn't want to hall around the extra, or maybe he just didn't feel like skinning it, but being optimistic maybe he shot it, and it ran away, but I've never seen them run too far with a headshot myself. I would've skinned it, and taken it home, but I don't know how long it's been there. It's like finding fries in the floorboard of someone elses car, they're probably safe to eat, but if it's all the same to you I'd rather not put them in my mouth. Naturally I'm frustrated.

    Finally after walking around all day I realized I was seeing a lot more people sign than rabbit sign. It's amazing how some folks can take a good thing and make it into a bad thing. The worst part is someone on this forum showed me to this spot, and the folks that live down the road recognize the white Ford I drive, and it makes me feel guilty for even hunting the same spot with the guys who ruined my spot for me. Naturally I'm frustrated.

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    welcome to the world of internet hunting spot is sacred, no spot is secret and even if you find it, someone else will find it too.
    i found a spot for bunnies here about four years ago, used to go out and hit bunnies on every trip, then a few guys found it, a few dogs started to hit it and now the bunnies are so tuned up your hardpressed to get a shot at one. i try to hunt it around wendesday before the weekend warriors go pound away at it.
    Anxious to start driving a couple hours out and see what reall buddy hunting is like.
    Master guide 212


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      Originally posted by BRWNBR View Post
      Anxious to start driving a couple hours out and see what reall buddy hunting is like.
      If you want to make it a team event, my nephew and I are going to do just that during the second week of March. You and your boys are welcome to come along.


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        your frustration is understandable...the easy pickens are often exploited quickly...but even the popular areas can be good with just a little effort..even the most hunted areas will produce even a few hundred yards outside the pressured need to drive a couple hours to get your limit, perhaps to get away from other folks though...but I can't complain, most are just out doing the same thing I am...

        the mess and waste is unfortunate ....those guys should get a good kick in the arse...
        pull my finger....


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          good points... there are no bunnies in copper center or anywhere around glennallen..
          If you cant stand behind the troops in Iraq.. Feel free to stand in front of them.


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