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    I have never hunted before and I have been in Alaska now for a little over a year. A guy at work said that this weekend would be a decent hunt for hare. My question is do I have to have safe hunters course to hunt small game? I guess I dont understand it completely! Also, when people on here talk about the "Delta" does this mean Delta Junction? If so, is there hotels and what not up there? How is the weather for a drive from Anchorage?

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    You dont need hunters orange here. Also unless you want to do the drive there is no reason to go clear up to delta junction for hare. Plenty of places within a couple of hours drive. Im sure you have read about knik on here. Id stay clear of that place right now. The hare seem to not be putting in much of a showing around there this year. There is some. But im willing to bet there will be a few people there this weekend. Probably be a good idea to wear orange anyway if you head to the popular spots.


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      Definitely need to take Hunter's Ed if you intend on going on Ft. Richardson. As to Matt's comment, there are loads of places surrounding Anchorage to go for bunnies & birds. However, the deeper you go off the main roads the better chance you have in higher populations. It's just a matter of doin' a bit of hiking at times or take an ATV. The Palmer Hay Flats and Rabbit Slough are good areas but it would be a mess & a lot of work with all the standing water resulting from this mass melt-off. of the free, home of the brave and infiltrated by the blind & naive.

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