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How to Hunt the Alaskan Hare in the southcentral region.

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    Looks like a lot of fun.


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      Well I got out today with fellow forum member Bnkwnto. We managed to get 6 between the three of us plus a ruffed grouse. Definitely not my best day this year, but at least we managed to take a few. It was nice to meet you Bnkwnto. Hopefully we can get together to go after ptarmigan some time too. We went to a couple of my different spots that I go to regularly. The first spot we managed to take a few. The second spot was a bust. Not even any fresh tracks. Looked like somebody has been trapping there regularly so maybe the rabbits got pushed into another area with less pressure. Not sure why, but there seems to be less sign, but there still are some hares out there. As the winter progresses the conditions for hares decreases. Decreasing daylight and dry cold conditions make for harder hunting with the dogs too. Come February and March the conditions will begin to improve again. I usually don't have a problem getting enough for a meal for my family though. I stop hunting around April because the hares start breeding.


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        Originally posted by Bushwhack Jack View Post
        It's rare when I take a photo while out rabbit hunting. But here is a preseason pic that I took with my boy with a few rabbits. Notice the brown color fur. Usually I skin my hares immediately after I shoot them. Makes it easier for carrying around with me and keeps the meat fresher. I would like to make a good quality video. I have been slowly making one over the last few years, but usually it is just me taking video of my 10 year old son so there are a lot of misses on the video. If I had a go pro maybe I could get better footage. It's fun watching the dogs work the rabbits. I'm gonna get out again soon. I'll get in touch with some of you that have pm'd me already.

        you really should get that green dot looked at... it looks painful

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