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    I was out on five prior occasions (Kashwitna area, Pt.Mac/Burma, Peters Creek valley, and Ptarmigan valley) looking for grouse and was yet to see one until this morning. Rather than compete with the masses at Jim lake or the Hayflats I decided to take the pup and do some jump shooting on Willow creek. Onced we crossed the main channel just down from Deception creek we got into some woods and started to see them.

    The key seemed to be walking about twenty yards of the bank in the woods. Ended up getting 3 Sprucies, 1 Ruffy, and 1 Teal duck which should have been 5, but the wind kicked up and made me miss several times wink wink wink. As I recall ever grouse I saw was within ten to fifteen yards of flowing water. Don't know if that means anything but just something to think about.

    All in all a great day with both my pup's first upland flush/retrieve and her first waterfowl retrieve.

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    way to go

    Congratulations on your successful hunt, Jake. Great info in your post too. I went out this AM and was the first one in along the Peters Creek trail. My lab kicked up a group of 3-4 about 30 yards off the trail and we got one other about 1/2 mile further in towards the creek. Didn't see any other groups. Good luck.


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      peters creek trail

      How does one get to peters creek trail, I had been going up ptarmigan valley in the morning before work last week and only saw one ruffed, but Im not sure ive seen peters creek trail.


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