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  • Funny River Road Hares

    My parents have a cabin past the end of Funny River Road on the slough back there. My wife and I were down there earlier this week, and when we went on a walk we saw lots of hares. I really want to get my nephew on some hares this fall, and figure it might be a fun weekend to go down there for some dolly fishing and hare hunting. My issue is that I don't really want to road hunt and bother the residents in the area, but I'm not familiar with any trails in the area. Is there somewhere out there near the end of Funny River Rd that we could walk away from the road?

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    I have never been there but I guess you could always buy an acre to hunt on...


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      Already have access to land, just need a trail to walk and hunt!


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        Google Earth

        I would try the free download from Google Earth and take a look at the high res imagery for that area. I do know that the area around the end of Funny River road does have the high res stuff. Most of the state is less than desriable imagery that is very pixalated when you zoom in...but that area has the good stuff. My guess is that you'll be able to spot some trails and access points.

        Btw....what slough are your folks on? I have a cabin in that area.

        If you continue on to Salmon Run off Funny River road, there are some trails going south that head back into open country, but much of that area off the road is native land.

        I might try a look at the road that goes to Brown's Lake.


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          Originally posted by Sockeye Charlie View Post

          Btw....what slough are your folks on? I have a cabin in that area.
          Thanks for the recommendations. I have Google Earth, but hadn't even thought of using it in this case. Sometimes the obvious solutions elude me. :rolleyes:

          I don't know the name of the slough, but we do drive down Salmon Run to get there. Their driveway is located off of Slack Water Drive, a short little road that ends at a side fork off the Kenai.


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            There have been many hares out this summer. It must be the year for breeding. There are a couple horse trails that you could walk. One is around mile 6-7. I believe the other is at the end of lake street mile 16.5. Should do pretty good I have seen them on the road every morning this summer.


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              Funny River Hares

              Hey Brian,

              I would recommend hunting the power line and associated trails on the right side of the road. This would be from the perspective of heading towards the slough/river as you go down Funny River Rd. I did some winter time hare hunt'n a couple years ago down in there. Lots of tracks just no bunnies! Wasn't trying to hard as I enjoyed watching my pup run and play more than I hunting. Keep in mind...there's bears in that neck of the woods. I seen em and was jumped by one once. Scared the bejesus outta me!

              Have fun and be safe!


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