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Spot lighting for small game Legal?????

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  • Spot lighting for small game Legal?????

    Been hunting down on the kenai pen. for the last two weekends and nothing lots of tracks but no bunnies. I thank it would be better at night but dont know if legal, ask Maggie at the game department she really didnt know any buddy have the answer.:confused:

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    It's a dandy way to lose your guns as well as a pocket full of cash. I'm not going to go digging in the regs to find the words, but there's something in the general hunting regs about using artificial light.
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      2007-2008 Hunting Regulation Booklet, Page 15 in General hunting restrictions. You may not take came by using a pit, fire, artificial light, laser sight, electronically enhanced night vision scope....


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        Read The Regs!!

        The other guys answers are spot on......dont do it, loose your gun, money etc if caught.


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          So are bunnies the only thing you are interested in hunting at night. If its bunnies your after than no you cant spotlight them. If you are after other small game such as coyote,fox,lynx and you have a trapping license you may use a spotlight to take them at night but only during the dates and units listed in the trapping regulations.


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            squirrels also count as furbearers
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