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  • Talkeetna

    Hey is there any good area for rabbits or any small animal in the talkeetna area??? Particularly around the junction. Sounds like everyones heading for kink. I don't feel like getting shot at. haha.

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    There use to be some trails at the end of Comstat rd, if I have the name right, it's the rd with the raidar tower at the end. I've got grouse back there there. also theres a trails that goes to the Montana creek falls that might be worth a try. If all elts fails you can have a Hay Flatts expreace when the residents shoot at you HAHA just jokeing the one I've met are nice


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      Hahah thanks for the info Dave. but I rather not have anyone shooting at me. I might join everyone else in the morning but by noon I think I'll try my luck on my way to talkeetna. Any other suggestions


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        sheep mt

        I headed up to sheep mt today theres loads of rabbits and I got a ruffed grous counted fiftey bunnies that I jummped but all I shot was 8 the brush is thick you see them then you dont all you have to do is drive 100 miles and thres no one to shoot you hehe


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          Sheep Mt.

          Where do you go near Sheep Mt.? Can you just park and start walking, or do you need a wheeler? Last time I was at the Knik, I jumped about 15 got 3 in about 1 hour. Just don't feel like being around everyone else(too many pellets flying around). Did some moose hunting near Puritan creek this year and thought it looked like a good spot for bunnies. I'm taking off in about an hour or two and haven't decided north or south. Any suggestions greatfully appreciated!


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            Be careful around Sheep Mt.,,lots of "no tresspassing" signs or "no hunting".


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              The old rd just past the the gravil pit walk up the old rd look down in the ditch ware all the brush is so thick that you have a hard time seeing any thing the rabbits will run down the ditch in front of you you'll catch a glimps hear and there if your not ready they cut up the hill and disapear before your eyes. I took my dog and she had a ball runing through the trees she would scare the rabits up for me made it a lot simpler for me the snow is getting to deep for her


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                Went north

                Went to the Puritan creek area. Walked along snowmachine trails and got 3 in about 20 minutes. Headed back to Anchorage, stopped at Knik. Only 2 vehicles so I figured I'd try it. Got my last 2 in about 30 minutes. Never went more than a couple hundred yards past the tracks. Kicked up 4 others but was asleep at the trigger! Gonna try again this week.


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                  late up date

                  haha, I've been meaning to up date on my hunt in Talkeetna but just got to lazy. anyhow, went around got there around 11 am walked until 2 and nothing. Although, there were plenty of signs of rabbits but no luck running into them. Been trying Knik area with no luck also. Any suggestion?

                  I've been reading the other posts for kink and feel like I'm in the right place from the signs of tracks and dropping. But no luck . Heading back out to Talkeetna for rabbits and birds around Montana Creek area. Any suggestion would be appreciated. But other wise wish me luck as I would to you



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