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  • Some help please.

    My wife and I are heading up August 31 through Sept. 15. We are looking forward to doing some upland hunting. We are bring along our seasoned black lab. We are renting a truck, so getting around won't be a problem. We are looking to do some Grouse and ptarmigan hunting, with some random waterfowl hunting thrown in. I have search through most of the old threads here and have found a wealth of information. We had some luck on Whitetail ptarmigan the last time we were up, about 6 years ago. Now we are 56 and 54 years old, so we won't be making a return trip I believe. We have hunted all over the place and want to do some in your great state. If you think you might get out hunting during that time and wouldn't mind a couple of older active people coming along, give me a pm. Any information will not be shared. I have a map filled out with possible places to hunt from what I have gleamed from what's been posted on here. But it's always nice to have some fresh information. Right now we are set to get out and just start walking. Thanks again, and we hope to see you around.

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    You coming to Fairbanks/Delta Junction area? I've got a few spots you've probably heard of them if you were researching the area. The grouse pop is pretty high right now so you should have some luck.

    Also I love your profile name!


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      Yes, have truck will travel. We are/were planning on making the trip anchorage, Fairbanks, Tok/or Paxson, Valdez back to Anchorage. Not sure how much we can get done in 8 days, before we head down to the Kenai Pen. for the last 7 days. I hoped to hunt along the Elliot Highway a little. I know it's big plans, but that's why I'm looking for help to narrow it down. I think were actually doing it in reverse order. We have a day of DIY salmon and lingcod fishing at Valdez on the 3rd.

      We will take any pointers we can get, to help better utilize our time in the area. We aim to have to rest for a week when we get home. roud:


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        Hunt the Denali Highway, drive in from Cantwell side. Go in about 12 miles and start from there. Rock and Willow Ptarmigan all along hillsides.


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