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Snaring for rabbits

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  • Snaring for rabbits

    I am interested in setting some snares for rabbits (Live in the Birchwood area). I used to do this when I was living in eastern Canada, I could go into any sporting goods store and buy a packet of "snare wire". I haven't seen that here. I assume you could get something that would work from the hardware store, but I am unsure what type/gauge wire to use. Any suggestions?

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    Soft, stranded picture hanging wire makes great hare snares. Inexpensive and available at any hardware store.

    You can find numerous threads on this subject with a quick search. Here's one:
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      One thing I would suggest to consider is where you set your snares. If you happen to be in an area that has a fair amount of trails that people use for recreating please consider going a little farther off the beaten path. I 'm not saying that you wouldn't anyway but I have found plenty of snares / traps five minutes from parking lots where people hike /ski & run dogs. It amazes me why someone would want to set that close but there seems to be more dogs in traps every year.


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        Thanks for the suggestions. Picked up some wire from FM and started making snares. Probably cheaper than what I was buying before! Been scouting a few spots.


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          Years back when I used the braided picture wire for snaring rabbits, my sets were so close to the ground and small enough that it would take a very tiny dog to be caught in one of them.


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            I like to set mine well back under cover so its unlikely a dog would step in it or a hawk/owl/eagle will get to the rabbit before i do.
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