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Sunny Saturday Ptarmigan

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  • Sunny Saturday Ptarmigan

    Had a nice hunt Saturday. Snowing on the way up, foggy and clearing while gearing up. Within in an hour of starting the hunt it cleared up to a magnificent sunny day! Took a bit of walking but, we finely cornered a few. Dogs did well and it was nice to get out of the spruce game I usually am limited to on my short trips close by the house.

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    Pretty nice that you're able to drive up there too....

    Sheep hunting...... the pain goes away, but the stupidity remains...!!!


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      Good stuff!


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        I was up in the high country last weekend down on the k pen didn't see any ptarmigan was looking for a black bear, we were fogged in until about 2:00. The only ptarmigan I ever see up there are over by seward I think I need to start looking some more.


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          I used to scout around down there and I'm sure there are some birds above the treeline. I stopped trying to get to the higher terrain down there thigh because I run into traps and snares. One of the less known trail heads had 3 snares across the trail right at the start. This was off the gubment access road next to the Resurrection Trail. There are two trails that lead to the high ground above the trees. There has to be birds up there but I'm not hunting my dogs in there.


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