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Summer/fall ptarmigan advice

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  • Summer/fall ptarmigan advice

    I have been out on a few long hikes to some of my winter time ptarmigan spots in the chugach recently. These are mostly willow lined valleys and also up at the headwaters but the birds aren't there. I have had great success in the dead of winter for ptarmigan but not sure what to do without the snow. Should I be looking in the same places as in winter cause that's proving to not work for me. Are the coveys just broken up during early fall? Do the birds feed more on berries than willow? Anyways any advice on what to look for would be appreciated.

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    Ptarmigan migrate from breeding areas, to rearing areas, to winter areas, and back to breeding areas. My favorite close-to-home ptarmigan hunting areas in winter are not breeding/rearing areas and no ptarmigan are present in the summer and fall season. Keep looking! It's big country. Best of luck to you.


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      In the early season, I usually hunt pretty high up along rock cliffs in Thompson Pass, above e tree line.

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