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T.C. Hawkins .50 Cal Starting loads

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  • T.C. Hawkins .50 Cal Starting loads

    I am the proud owner of a T.C. Hawkins style barrel in 50 cal. I have fired a few rounds through a friends smokepole, but not my own. I am looking for suggestions on powder/projectile combinations to get this barrel shooting. Anyone out there have any experience with this barrel? I belive it is a 1-48 twist.
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    Try 50 grains of 3f black or P Pyrodex behind a patched round ball. A .490 ball and lubed .015 patch is probably about right. This load is a good "target" and small game load, but a little light for deer. For deer look to about 80 grains of either powder.

    New barrels need to be shot a while or "shot it"- usually 100 to 200 rounds- to reach their full accuracy potential. The 50 grain charge is great fun to shoot, so you'll go through that process pretty quickly.
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      I have that same muzzleloader hanging over a window in my cabin right now.
      My father gave it to me when I was 10 years old, and I killed my first deer with it the following season. I am very found of it and maybe I'll have to bring it down someday for a hunt again.

      I love the idea of real black powder hunting the way it was meant to me, ball and patch and iron sights.
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        Used one for years back in the 70's..........

        90 gr FF Select or 777 2F with TC 370gr Maxi ball lubed

        Suggest 2F 777 Powder

        CCI Mag Primer


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          Powder weight

          The 90gr of 777 2F is by volume not by weight using a black powder measure.


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