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  • Build Progress as of 4/10/09

    Alright! Getting close to stain time.

    I have all the ramrod thimbles inletted and pinned.

    All of the barrel tennon eschuseons are inletted and pinned. One is a fish I made myself.

    Rear sight is in. I goofed on my first and had to order a larger dovetail sight. My dovetail for the front site is almost complete. Just a tad here and there. I took a break so I wouldnt rush it this time.

    Nose cap is on.

    Buttplate was inletted. But It wasnt quite long enough to reach the toe of the stock. So I ordered a longer buttplate I think. Hopefully that one will work out. If not, I will solder on a extension from the old butplate to make it longer. Im really trying to avoid planing the bottom of the stock anymore.

    So yeah, get the butplate and toe-plate in and Im ready for sand and stain.

    Polish the metal parts up of course and what not, but I figure Im gonna be shooting this thing in a couple few weeks!

    Pics are a little small

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    thats lookin good so far mat keep up the good work


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      Thanks. I got the front sight in Last night. That turned out better than the rear sight. It paid off once again to just go take a break once I felt like I was almost done.

      I went and reviewed staining and sanding practices. Sounds like this is going to be time consuming. Apparently it will take 16 hours minimum of sanding as well as a few weeks worth of staining and sealing. I plan on using modern stains and sealers so I dont think I will need weeks worth of applications. The sanding part, yeah I can see that taking awhile. You want that wood smooth!

      So far this gun has been nothing but a board full of lessons learned and mistakes fixed! But it is going to turn out pretty nice. Not 2000.00 nice but it will at least look like its worth the parts price.


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        If I might offer a suggestion on finishing. Don't use modern chemistry there. Go ahead and use traditional methods. Sounds like you've got it pretty well shaped, so do your with-the-grain finish sanding to get it baby smooth and rid yourself of all sanding marks. Stain it with a straight color-only stain. Nothing with sealants or anything else in it. Birchwood Casey is probably the best source for the right stuff. When you've got the color right, finish it with pure linseed oil.

        You apply the linseed oil with a finger. Dip it in the bottle and wipe it on the wood. Rub it into the pours of the grain as best you can. Let the wood soak it up like a sponge. When it won't take anymore, wipe off the excess and hang it to dry. Tomorrow, sand it back down until you hit the surface of the wood again, then repeat the process with linseed oil. It will take quite a few applications and sandings to get the grain completely filled and a level surface. Once it is filled, apply several more thin, even coats with just a light scuff sanding in between. You'll soon have the most amazing finish that you can put on a piece of wood. Finish it off with some wax and a good buffing and you'll be able to comb your hair in your reflection.

        Properly done, the process should take about 2 weeks if you're doing one sanding and application per day. Linseed dries fast enough that you can accelerate the process if you wanted to.

        Linseed oil finishes are so great, I've redone a couple of my modern firearm stocks with it after sanding off the factory varnish. It's a very durable finish that will stand up to heavy field use as well.

        Oh, and it looks like a great project you've got going there. Are you going to brown the steel parts?
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          Yeah they will be browned.

          I dunno, I dont feel like messing around with aquafortis or anything like that. Plus I already comminted by purchasing a 30 dollar can of the stain I like.

          Still I might linseed it.


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            Your project is looking great! Your posts have been very informative. I am really looking forward to seeing pictures of the finished rifle. I may even have to come down to Anchorage for one of your clubs shoots so I can see it in person.



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              Thanks alaskan100. I will do a writeup about import things I have learned along the way at the end of all this.

              Joat, The only things that will be browned are the barrel and lock. Actually Im not 100% sure on the lock getting browned. I kinda like the way it is but suppose it might look funny if I dont brown it.

              All my other parts are german silver, so they arent getting browned.

              Im already planning my next builds!

              I have a walnut half stock bland as well as a cherry halfstock blank on the way. I also found a 40 cal barrel and a mule ear lock.

              Im thinking Ill make a 40 cal mule ear lock gun and the other will be either a canoe gun in 20 Guage or a .62 caliber percussion gun. Colerain makes a .62 swamped barrel 30 inches long that I think will be cool.

              Either way, these next guns I make will be made to my specs and will not follow any paticular school or pattern. They will be made old-school, but to my design.


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                Looking really good Matt, and from the photos anyway, I wouldn't be too quick to write off the $2k claim. I'm in the middle of a 2-month road trip and haven't been able to follow your progress. You're making great headway. I'm looking forward to your summary of lessons learned!
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