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  • Muzzleloader Cert classes

    Hello all, I have a t/c 50 cal sitting on the wall. I am thinking it is about time I used it for hunting. I am thinking about starting with spring black bear baiting and/or a trip to Prince of Wales.
    I have primarily been bow hunting these past 8 or ten years. I have shot targets with the muzzle loader 15 years ago, but never hunted with it.

    My questions are;
    What are the muzzle loader cert. classes like? Will I learn about loading, shooting and care of the weapon? Or, is it just to get the certification for the weapons restrictions area hunts? Would I learn more about the weapon by meeting one of you guys at the range?
    Finally, when and where would I get into a class?

    I am happy to take the class for the certification, but also want to learn more about the weapon and the use of it.

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    i'm taking the class in two weeks

    i picked up the packet from fish and game and i seems to be very detailed in the use, loading, safety, cleaning, and types of well as shot placement and wildlife conservation.....but thats just what the packet says i'm not sure how the class is .....i'll let you know when i take it....and yes taking the class does allow you to participate in weapons restricted hunts

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      Do you know where and when? Do you know if it is full?
      I will get the packet tomorrow.


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        I can not say enough good about it. I took my son last Oct and did it. Wow!!!! we had a great time they helped him with his test let him shoot even thought he class was full, they still slid him though... he and I both learned a lot of great stuff and had a ton of fun...

        this is ONE i would not do online if offered...
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        meet on face book here


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          took the class today

          i was very impressed with the class.....enough good book learning stuff and lots of hands on and time on the range....there ended up being only fourteen people in the class and i think just about everyone passed..several were allowed to re-shoot..also the instructors were very knowledgable and always willing to answer any questions and help with any problems or concerns you have....also safety was stressed heavily in the classroom and on the range which is what the class is all about....i actually think i forgot to fill out my evaluation of the class and instructors but i would give it a solid 9.5 out of ten
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            Signed up !!

            I am signed up for the May 2nd all day class at the Elks Camp.
            I look forward to it.
            Might try to use it for blackies this spring!


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