Great accuracy from my T/C hawken Flintlock



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  • Great accuracy from my T/C hawken Flintlock

    Took out my new to me .54 T/C hawken Flintlock this weekend for a good couple of hours to see what she and I can do.

    It was a nice day out. Light steady crosswind, but nothing to big of a deal.

    I brought along some Hornady .530 balls and some .010 patches and 2f powder. My barrel on this gun is a Roundball barrel with a 1 in 60 twist.

    I shot at a distance of 25 yards at first. All standing. The heft of the gun actually helped me keep a steady bead on the target and before I knew it I could shoot all the roundballs into a ragged hole at that distance. I just used 50 grains of powder.

    Next I moved the target out to 50 yards and managed a nice palm sized group using 80 grains of powder.

    Looking at my patches they were all getting cut. The patches look very old to me and they could be just degraded but nevertheless next time out Im going with .015 patching.

    In the photo ignore the 2 shots in the same hole. Those arent part of my 4 shot group. Those 2 shots were with a different powder charge and with the sights adjusted low. Interesting how upping the powder charge began to throw the balls of to the right. The wind was blowing to the left so I Know it wasnt that.

    So next time out Im going with thicker patches and 3F powder to see what will happen.
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    That's good offhand shooting Matt. Looks like you have a real winner on your hands.

    All my 54's seem to like .018 patches best with .530 balls. I use .015's with .535 balls for very similar performance. Both combos take a whack on the short starter to get them going, but the accuracy is a payoff. I'm betting you'll get an even tighter group at 50 with the thicker patching you plan to use.
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      nice shootin

      nice lookin gun you got there . and not a bad group. to me there isnt many things in life as fun as geting a new gun then geting it to preform at its best . looks like you got a good one.


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        Im Jealous!!!

        Good deal!!!! Nice looking flinter too! Here in afganistan all i can do is read and drool. But it is a good time to build up a little extra toy $ for when I get back. Have fun with that hawken!!!


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          Hopefully I can get out tommorow for an hour or two and post back.


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