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OMEG vs triumph@777 vs blk209

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  • OMEG vs triumph@777 vs blk209

    2 weeks ago I purchased a new muzzelloader.I didnt need it I have sevral already. but after lifting it to my shoulder at the store I realy like the feel of it and the looks so I bought it. It is the tc triumph in stainless steel in reatree hardwoods its 50 cal . I wanted stainless not the weather shield model because the stainless model is less likely to rust inside the barrels. On the weathershield models they are coated blued barrels...I have a stainless omega in 50 cal already it has a black stock. My omega is a tack driver it shoots 5 shot sub .75 moa groups at 100 yrds with remington cleanbore209 primers 95 grns of 777ff and a hornady 250grain mzl bullet. The triumph is acurate also I havent found its sweet load yet but I will. It is shooting 3 shots just under 1 inch at 100 yards with the same bullet and 85 grns of blk209 with a winchester 209 primer. both guns have good and bad features that I think pepole should know. they are both advertized as having 28 inch barrels neither of them are 28 inches. With the QAL quick load acurizer you loose 1 inch of rifeled barel on both guns.With the speed breach on the triumph you loose another inch. The speed breach is a realy nice feature when it comes to removal but im not shure its worth what you give up for it. first off you loose 1 inch of barrel wich = less velocity than the omega. second it might be faster to remove but it takes alot longer to clean I timed myself when I cleaned both breach plugs today and it longer to clean the speed breach. I found that after 25 rounds through the speed breach it tends to get very dirty it has a very long firehole wich is harder to clean. Loading the omega is easyer because you dont have to lock the barrel before loading it then break the barel to cap it after its loaded. However caping is easyer on the triumph you dont have to get youre fingers into such a small space to cap it. Both guns have the same ram rods and trigers. the trigers are both crisp and break at 3 pounds on my triger pull scale.The stocks on both guns are plastic the triumph feels better to me it has a higher cheek plate on the butt and the forward grip is dovetailed for a solid feel it has a simm butplate wich is alot softer than the omegas but plate. However I did find one thing I did not like about the triumph stock if you try to mount a bypod the front of the stock is tapered where the sling mount is and youre bypod will mount on a forward angle.The omega is a littel lighter than the triumph. ALL THAT SAID BOTH GUNS ARE GREAT RIFLES YOU CANT GO WRONG WITH EITHER ONE.........Now about the powders I got a can of blackhorn 209 this week. And this is what I know so far it is acurate but it has not shot a better group than triple7 ff out of my omega. I havent worked with it as much it cleans easy with rifle solvent wich is good because youre not puting water in youre barrel. However I dont cary solvent with me in my pack and it will get gummy if you try to clean it with water if you need to clean youre rifle on the mountain away from camp 777 is great spit or water on a patch and youre good to go. I use a clear view powder measure to load my rifle and found the smaller grains of t7 are easyer to cut than the blk209. 777 costs 22 dollars for 16ounces and blackhorn cost 33 dollars for 10 ounces. blackhorn can be shot more with out swabing the bore I got 7 shots before i felt it needed to be done and the crud ring was smaller than 2 shots of 777. I like THE BLACKHORN BUT IM NOT SHURE ITS WORTH THE MONEY YET TIME WILL TELL I WILL KEEP YOU ALL POSTED.

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    flash hole on triumph

    the breach plug is long on this gun and the flash hole builds crud fast i noticed acuracy changes after just 6 shots today. but if the hole is cleaned it shoots some great groups. anybody have any recomendations for a clean burning 209 primer? im shooting remingtons now.


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      Are you cleaning between every shot? Ive found that to acheive best accuracy most guns require this. Also I dont think the primer being dirty is the problem. I just think all that hot igniton bakes on a crust.

      I've used a product where you could adapt Small rifle primers to shoot in inlines. Essentilaly it was a brass bushing shaped like a 209 primer that you pushed a small rifle primer into.

      Its been awhile but I think that that worked pretty good. Enough to justify the extra expense and effort? Im not sure.

      I got it from a place that really specializes in T/C stuff, I just cant remember the name. They make their own single shot rifle now, make barrels for t/c ect. Its right on the tip of my tongue. If I think of it Ill post back up.


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        thanks matt

        I forgot to mention im using blackhorn 209 now I think I need to use a 209 with this powder. yesterday my first 3 shot group was less than 3/8 of an inch I will post pictures soon my second 3 shots were near 1/2 in then I put 2 bullets high and 2 inches apart. I was swabing the bore with a dry pach between shots.


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          Those small rifle primers will burn it just fine, but not with as much force


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            i will try them

            Originally posted by rimfirematt View Post
            Those small rifle primers will burn it just fine, but not with as much force
            thanks matt I will try the small rifle primers this weekend.


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