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Agate vs Flint for flintlock ?

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  • Agate vs Flint for flintlock ?

    Was looking at the Midway web site and noted that they offer an agate "flint" in addition to the regular flints. They claim that the agate lasts longer and produces twice the strikes. Any truth to the advertising? Anybody have any experience with agate? good? bad? indifferent?

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    I have had the best luck with English flints. The French amber take second place, and the agate were pretty worthless. The ones I purchased several years back sparked all right initially, but they became dull really fast and I couldn't resharpen the edges where they didn't just dull back down after a couple shots. All I use anymore are English flints. Maybe someone else had better luck than I did with the agate type.


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      Years ago I tried the discount flints of the time: choate (sp?) and had pretty bad luck.

      I picked up a bag of 100 cheap arrowheads of roughly the same stuff. You know the ones that aren't good for much but selling to tourist. Several were broken and on a hare I put one in a little flintlock pistol that I didn't have a small enough flint for. Sparks everywhere! This stuff could have set off the firelocks next to yours too. You just never know about these odd rocks but English flints seem to be the most reliable overall and they aren't that expensive.


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