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  • BP storage life??

    Does anyone have any experience with storing BP substitutes like pyrodex, 777, or shockeys gold for long periods of time?

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    Shelf Life

    I know blackpowder lasts forever, it doesn'e absorb moisture like the substitutes and even after getting wet if it's dried out it still performs fine. I read an article somewhere from Knight Rifles that said Pyrodex once opened should be tossed after a year? I have a can of Pyrodex that I have had for years, probably 10+ and it still seems to perform fine, nothig erratic. I think if you keep your powders in a dry temperature stable environment (if you can put the subs in a place with dessicant all the better) you should't have any problems for a few years at least. That said I know some subs like Clear Shot, in my opinion, go bad quickly. I have BP, Pyrodex, 777, and some Shockey's. Like I said the BP I have had a long time, same with the Pyrodex, the 777 only a few years but seems just fine still and the Shockey's I just got a year ago to try out.


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      Originally posted by yukon254 View Post
      Does anyone have any experience with storing BP substitutes like pyrodex, 777, or shockeys gold for long periods of time?
      Pyrodex does fine if you keep it dry. Unopened, I bet it lasts lots longer than we manage to keep it without shooting it up. I got 8 pounds from a friend's estate about 10 years ago, and it was old then. Don't know about the date of make, but the price tag is $9.29- and those are "Alaska" prices. Jugs are just fine when opened, though I use them up in 2 or 3 months after opening.

      American Pioneer is BAD for deteriorating after you open a jug. A friend chronoed his after 6 months and was getting about 25% less velocity than when he first opened the jug.

      Not enough experience with 777 to know, but it appears really stable.

      I've used Pyrodex pellets, but gave them up as a very bad investment in our damp climate. Worked fine out of a new box, but withing a couple of months I started getting misfires with #11 caps. By six months, I'd have to pop 4 or 5 caps to finally get them to light off, and even them some of the reports sounded kinda weird. I'd say use them up right away or throw them away. I surely wouldn't start a new hunting season with last year's pellets, even with #209 caps.

      I've got a number of cans of real black from the same estate where I got the Pyro ten years ago. The coded dates on the cans run all the way back to 1973 and the prices down to just under $3! And some of the cans were partials. Even from the partials, the 35-year old real black works just as well today as the new cans I bought last summer, even after spending allthose years opened in a wet climate. That's saying something!
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        777 life

        I have had a can of 777 that was opened sitting in my safe fro about 2 or 3 years now and at the range a week ago worked fine with #11's. I also have a de-humidifier gel in my safe- may have something to do with it. Then again, there was a speedloader loaded for my .50 since last moose season that I fired off at the range the same day and worked fine in my 209 gun- it had been stored in the center console of my truck (OOPS!!!).


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