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  • T/C .45 Hawken

    Well I am happy I bought this one instead. I am told T/C does not even make this model in a .45 anymore. Gun is in sweet condition. Anyone have a good starter load recommendation for me? Any and all help greatly appreciated. Jeff
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    Powder measure

    Just take a fired, standard rifle brass in the mid-range around 30 cal (270, 30-06, etc) and cut it off about 1" up from the base with a roller-style tubing cutter. There's your starting load worth of BP. If it's not enough ooomph, cut off another one that's a bit longer (about 1/8" steps). When you find the one that's just right, solder a brass tab on the side of the case to act as a handle (make it decorative, too) and tie it to your powder horn with a strip of leather.
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