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conicials in thompson pro hunter

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  • conicials in thompson pro hunter

    I am thinking of getting a muzzle loading barrel for my thompson pro hunter, but want to shoot big conical does anyone have any experience with this combo?? Also have looked at Thompsons site and cant seem to find out if the new endeavor barrel will fit a pro hunter? Thanks

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    I can't help on the endeavor barrel fitting the pro hunter. But you can certainly shoot conicals out of an in-line barrel. Most in-lines are a 1:28" or 1:24" twist. Technically, you can shoot round balls out of these barrels, you just have to match up your powder charge with the projectile and barrel twist. All else being equal, a generality I follow is a bigger (i.e. longer) projectile will stabilize in flight better than a smaller (i.e. shorter) projectile out of a tighter twist (1:28" or tighter) barrel when using common hunting powder charges, like 80-100 grains. That's not to say lighter projectiles, like round balls, won't fly well out of an in-line. You just usually have to back off on the charge. Anything from the 360 grain T/C maxi ball on up to the 495 grain No Excuses conicals (assuming you're shooting a .50 cal) should fly just fine out of a pro hunter, you just need to experiment a bit with different powder charges to find what your particular gun likes.


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      Tha barrels are interchangeable.
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