Any one have some tips... on the Optima Pro?



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  • Any one have some tips... on the Optima Pro?

    I'm new to the forum and muzzleloading. I bought two .50 cal inlines about a year ago and haven't scoped them yet. CVA Optima Pro nickel and Traditions fluted barrel magnum were my choices (they were reasonably priced for a bum like me).

    I shot the new fancy all copper saboted bullets and got really lousy accuracy. I'm talking about spraying bullets like a drunken retiree watering the lawn on broken crutches. One bullet missed the 4x8 plywood backing entirely:eek:!

    I was using about 120 grains of pyrodex ffg. I backed off to 80 grains with patched round ball and it was still lousy past 50 yards. When I first got them they shot round balls with 80 grains in one inch groups at 50 yards, good'nuff fur me:rolleyes:.

    I think my scope mount may have some play in it, so I'm waiting for a ew mount and scope to be delivered.

    I started casting some minnies from a Lee mould and plan to shoot those instead of sabots. I like the idea of cheap lead ammo instead of the high dollar sabots(they are to hard to load/cost to much).

    My main question is what charge of powder seems to work best with a .50 cal lee minnie out of a Optima pro fluted magnum barrel? Same question for a traditions magnum fluted barrel??

    Plan on bagging some moose with these rigs. Any suggestions on the Optima and traditions pursuit pro?

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