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Muzzleloader season on Fort Richardson

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  • Muzzleloader season on Fort Richardson

    Is there a muzzleloader season on Fort Rich? If so:
    Does anyone have any experience hunting Fort Rich with cap and ball? Thinking of doing some research on a hunt like this for next year, wanted your input.

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    Ft Rich definitely has a muzzleloader hunt. They have two, both are drawing hunts. This year DM422 was for 20 bull tags and DM423 was for 5 antlerless. Drawing percentage vs. applicants is 5 percent and 4 percent respectively. There is also a $125 access fee and you have to qualify shoot and have both hunter safety and muzzleloader certification. It use to be you could apply and if drawn then get certified but as of 1 July 2007, you must be certified BEFORE you can apply. You can use a cap and ball as long aas the weapon is .45 or larger. You must also sogn in everyuday to an area and areas will close due to training activities. Personally I use a .54 but that's just me. I think this just about covers the basics.


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