Where to source BP items in Fairbanks



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  • Where to source BP items in Fairbanks

    I was just in Sportsman's this weekend looking to pick up powder, etc and they didn't seem to have any - plenty of bullets and other items, but no powder. Any ideas on where to source in town? Thanks!

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    If you need the "not real" BP, you should be able to order it from SWH on line and pick it up at your local SWH.


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      Frontier Outfitters also sells Pyrodex. Seems like both BP (substitute)and caps have been in short supply lately. No source for real BP here that I know of but there is a website for a Nor'west company: https://www.norwestcompany.com/ I don't know what their status is looks like the website hasn't been updated for a while. If you do try to contact them please let me know what you find out.
      Louis Knapp


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        Our local Peninsula stores have had plenty of the BP substitutes lately. Sportsman's and 3 bears.
        But caps are still as rare as hens teeth.
        I still have some caps and a few pounds of the real BP so I'm still good for awhile.
        But I am going to start making my own BP and caps here real soon.
        A friend is getting into it but can't get caps so we're working together on making some using my cap maker and some homemade H48 primer mix.

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