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Muzzleloader for mountain hunting

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  • Muzzleloader for mountain hunting

    I am new to the world of muzzleloaders, I am looking for recommendations for a .50cal mountain rifle. I found that Knight makes an Ultra-lite gun and Traditions makes the Pursuit Ultra-lite. The Traditions gun is much cheaper, is this a lower quality gun than the Knight? Thanks for any info.

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    I shoot a Traditions Vortek ultralight LDR. It's got a 30" barrel so not really light. It's a fantastic shooter with an added peepsight. I think Thompson Centers feel like they are built better but I have zero complaints on the Traditions. I'm not familiar with knights rifles but you usually get what you pay for.


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      I have an older Knight that's very light, but in 54 caliber. Very well made and accurate, but there's a tradeoff for light weight in muzzleloaders. Recoil goes up the scale really fast as you increase charge weight or bullet weight. And that's contrary to any long range dreams you might have.

      I got to messing around with mine, putting a 1.5x5 Leupold scope on it and moving up to max charges just to see what it would do. I'm an experienced heavy recoil shooter, and I picked that scope for its long eye relief, then set it as far forward as possible. Scoped myself good the first shot. Figured I must have held it wrong, so put on my big boy pants and fired it again. Got scoped again. Not being smart enough to leave well enough alone, I tried a different hold for shot #3. That one needed stitches. I also own and shoot a 460 Wby. Granted it weighs more, but it doesn't seem to kick so hard and it's never scoped me.
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        Thanks for the info guys!


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          I've never fired the Knight Ultra-light but I can comment on their quality. I grew up deer hunting in Ohio where hunting at the time was shotgun/muzzleloader only. I bought a Knight for muzzleloader season and it quickly became my go to gun for the regular shotgun season. The model I had was the disc rifle. Being used to hunting with a shotgun and slugs I was blown away by the Knights accuracy, it would hold about 4" at 200 yards from field positions. The load I used was 3, 50 grain pellets for a magnum 150 gn load with a Hornady sabot using the 44 cal 240 gn xtp bullet. Unlike brown bear I found the recoil to be mild and quite pleasant compared to what I was used to, which was a 3" mag Brenneke using a 600 gn slug.

          It was fast to reload, during a deer drive I once had about 10 does come running in and stop at about 50 yards, I dropped one and started to reload, I kept calling to them as I reloaded and got them to stop at 200 yards just long enough to get off a second shot taking another one.

          It also didn't seem to be affected like the hawkin I used for for muzzleloader season before I got it. I used it in a heavy November rain storm and it still went off.

          I also have a TC Omega and the quality doesn't seem as nice as the Knight


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