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Bullet Restrictions on Muzzleloader only hunts?

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  • Bullet Restrictions on Muzzleloader only hunts?

    I grew up shooting black powder, but unfortunetlly I sold the Hawken that I had. I'm desperatly wanting to get back into black powder, and I especially want to get my Muzzleloader Certification so that I can apply for those special drawing hunts. I had some questions regarding the equipment restrictions and whether or not there are any bullet restrictions while hunting (i.e. round balls only, or no sabbots allowed). Any information that anyone knows would be greatly appreciated! I also looked online at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game website, and I wasn't able to find any restrictions myself...

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    There is no restrictions as to bullet type mentioned on pages 19 and 20; other than caliber must be no less than .45. I do not recall there being a restriction regarding/prohibition on sabots, I do know that PRB's and conicals are perfectly legal. Black powder and black powder substitutes are legal, smokeless powder is not.


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      Nope on the sabot restrictions. In fact we shot some in the class when I took it.
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        Thanks for the info...


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