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Wheel weights for casting round lead balls?

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    Originally posted by kasilofchrisn View Post
    My understanding is that if your lead is too hard it could damage the rifling on some muzzloaders...
    I doubt it, but when shooting a patched round ball, the lead doesn't come in contact with the rifling. If it does, you're doing something wrong.


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      I have used both lead and wheel weights to make round balls for my muzzleloaders. Both work fine unless you want expansion in your target. Wheel weights will have little if any expansion in game animals. As was said the ball shouldn't touch the barrel if loaded properly. Wheel weight balls wouldn't harm your barrel even if the touched it as it is much softer than the softest steels used in muzzleloaders.


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        While pure lead is preferred for critters like deer, folks back in the days of roundball muzzleloading would use hard cast balls for the taking of big or dangerous game.

        I shoot a .50 with balls cast from Linotype and thrown in a rock polisher for a couple hours when I'm not sure of penetration. I also use these for target practice (as well as some cast from wheel weights and range lead).

        Deer still get pure lead balls, though.


        Josh at Smith-Sights


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          Originally posted by abreitzm View Post
          I have a bag of old wheel weights and was wondering if there is any problem with melting them down to cast round lead balls? Seems I read something/somewhere some time back (on-line so always questioning whether it is correct) that one should not use this lead?
          Just wanted to share this bit of info on how to use up hard scrap lead. It has worked very well for me in several guns.


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