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RUGER OLD ARMY/LEE R.E.A.L. projectiles

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  • RUGER OLD ARMY/LEE R.E.A.L. projectiles

    anyone have any hunting experience hunting with a ruger old army revolver 200 gr. r.e.a.l. bullets i cast the 200 grainers and can stuff about 40-42 gr. fffg goex into cylinders. down here in BRITISH COLUMBIA, even us honest god fearing folks can not hunt with revolvers.:think: i have heard of some hunters actually carrying revolvers in the bush while hunting.:topjob: but i do not believe it. $10,000 dollar fine and 2 years in prison.:question: first degree murder and you can get parole in 3 to 5. seems we need to turn this country into a republic,. or at least join up with ak. b.c. alberta(FOR THE OIL and WHEAT) wa. and oregon. HEALEY

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    I believe my pa shot a deer with one (ADC) on the farm, (I don't know what style it was, except it was a ruger) at about 60-70 yards and it dropped it with in 40 yards, using I think 37 grains of ffg if my memory serves me well.

    It was legal because he got a permit to shoot X amount of deer (surrendering the meat to a food bank or mission) in defence of property. means how they were destroying his 140 acres or filberts and strawberries and peaches. he used the pistol once because of its short traectory and hard hitting, easy packing cababilities, mostly he used the 22.
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