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  • Cabelas #42 Meat grinder

    I have one of the older models of the 1 3/4 hp #42 meat grinder. Does anyone have a copy of the parts list or the part # for the auger? I twisted mine off.

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    From what I hear, the older ones were made by Weston, so you might want to get ahold of them?
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      Cabela's #42 Meat Grinder auger spline issue seems common. I have been looking for years and there are no augers to be found. However, I was lucky enough to find someone that successfully replaces the splines and with stronger metal. He has repaired a couple already. He will be repairing mine when he gets up and running again in a few months. Contact me for information if a repair is acceptable. Put #42 Grinder Repair in Subject Line.


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        08-4202 is the Part Number for the Auger.

        The white bushing (between Auger and Auger Housing) is also problematic. I had a couple made for me after searching for them for years. I then found them online a month ago. I can get you information on where I purchased if you need that part which is Part Number 08-4247. I believe the total cost for two (2) bushings was $38 shipped. I purchased two because of the inability to find replacements and shipping was flat rate.


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